the dunkable coconut planter for home and garden


the dunkable coconut planter for home and garden

My Coco Pot Planter featured with blue patina finish
My Coco Pot Planter featured with blue patina finish



...is back from vacation and getting growing again!

My Coco Pot Combo

 My 3"pot-size plant combo is a mixed variety of plants and succulents for part sun or shaded patios

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My Coco Pot & Soil Kit


the dunkable coconut planter

My Potted Coco


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About My Coco Pot

A Garden in a Nutshell


Think tropical and who doesn't think of a coastal palm swaying in the breeze? My Coco Pot is a little token of that tranquil vision to be enjoyed every day, anywhere.  

I just love how ~natural~ these coconut shells look as planters.  A couple of times each week, I drop them in a bucket to soak up some water and it is done in 60 seconds!  My Coco Pot Soil Kit comes with it's own unique layering system to mimic the natural conditions for root health and retain moisture in just the right places.  

My special selections of plant types will thrive with minimal effort at a very reasonable price, especially when you see how cram-packed I populate several varieties of plants and succulents all into one 3 inch pot!  In my greenhouse, they will root and grow into the perfect size to transfer directly into My Coco Pot.

 Treat yourself or greet a friend.  Welcome visitors with personalized greetings pyrographed onto the shell.  Plantlet combos, handmade decorative garden accents and patina finish options let you create your own garden in a nutshell.  The tools are all right here to put together the most unique little planter pot you are sure to grow to love.  Step-by-step instructions make planting-up super easy.  It's so lightweight and easy to manipulate too.  

 So adorable even without a plant.  Use one for a sponge caddy , a catch-all in the kitchen, or as an accent peice on a desk or side table.  Treat birds to a bowlful of seeds outside a window to watch who visits.

I hope to invite and display your photos of My CoCo Pot creations here on My Coco Pot Creations page coming soon.  


elements of My Coco Pot


 My Coco Pots are cut (not cracked) to maximize the coconut body, unlike the half shells I came across in my search for the perfect coconut planter.  A discerning eye inspects each potential coconut for size, symmetry, shape as well as variations in color or texture that add to the interest and individuality. The  nut is assessed so that it presents well from all sides, and has its' best face forward.  Holes are placed so that the copper wire  embraces the nut securely and for appropriate drainage.  The branded "I love my" heart logo reflects approval all is well- and I'd like to think perhaps even the cultivar's sentiment for a lovely new home. 



12 gauge solid copper wire is my choice of media not only because this natural element is  so gorgeous shined up, but also for the rigid versatility I get from being able to re-position My Coco Pot as desired for planting, watering, or transporting.  Unlike traditional string, natural copper lasts so much longer, is shapeable and rather improves with wear. 


Untreated, bare copper readily reacts with the environment to form an oxide or patina.  However, a protective non-toxic finish is applied by hand as the most natural means to  illuminate and extend the natural luster.  Areas exposed to the most use or wear may still develop a patina, which  adds charm to My Coco pot and lends a complimenting color to the grays and blues found in succulents.

If you prefer the patina- it is an option at check out.  This finish is also clear coated.  Because it is an applied finish, excessive bending may cause lifting or peeling to some areas.


My Soil Mix components are 100%  organically derived. Peat moss is the main ingredient and is naturally in the acidic pH range of 3.5 - 4.0.  However, in combination with My Soil Mix, the operating pH is closer to 6.2 - 6.5, a pH commonality of My Favorites and flowering or fruiting plants in general.  Fir and redwood contain oils that are fragrant, yet not to garden pests and may help to deter them while acting as a moisture reservoir.


This is a handcrafted item.  Sizes are approximated and not exact.  Duplication of design is variable, as are the individual coconuts. Natural variances add to the character.  Each My CoCo Pot is quality checked for integrity of the shell and overall design appeal.  Every effort is made to ensure that the ends are pointed inward to avoid sharp edge contact.  My Coco Pot is  so easy to assemble that it makes a great activity for  young persons, but always a good idea to supervise projects with children regardless.  Articles in the soil components may be rough to the touch  and are not to be ingested etc.  My Coco Pot is for decorative purposes and is not intended as a toy. 

Soil factors

Coconut fiber encases the macro and micro-nutrients found in fertilizers necessary for the growing palm within, in trace amounts.  Trace amounts are really all that plants need on a regular basis.  So, it is with little wonder that the shell makes a great plant pot!  And worth mentioning, too, is that the coconut fiber also has anti-fungal properties and has a water retention rate of 6 fold = soil stays moist longer.  

However so, due to the small size of My Coco Pot and the nature of repeated waterings, My Soil Kit's come supplemented with an organic slow-release plant food in pellet form and is  the default Soil Mix to ensure longevity. The concentration is 9-2-7 and considered a low-analysis profile suitable for succlents and houseplants. The addition of the organic pellets will not create residual acid build up in the soil which leads to plant burn as may be the case with some chemically created fertilizers.  

Simply as a consideration for those who may be extremely conscious when it comes to growing edibles or have any sensitivity concerns as a result of handling contact.  Therefore,  if  your preference is to opt without it and maintain as desired, please select "Natural" under  Soil Blend in Options  when placing an order.

ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Canadian sphagnum  peat moss, perlite, coco coir, premium grade fir bark and  shredded redwood.

Thanks for visiting My Coco Pot.  I hope you enjoy the site.  Website building is a new venture for me ~ little by little.

 After 5 years of creating My Coco Pots and watching how well they do, I decided to create this site to promote  care-free gardening in an environment-friendly container.  Feel free to submit comments, questions or suggestions in the contact form below. 

hang up or sit down



Each one of these natural beauties is so unique and fun to look at.  When shipped to you, the hanger will be tucked down as a 'stand'.  This position makes it convenient to plant up. After planting, just extend the hanger by pulling into an upright position to hang.  The standard length may also be adjusted to reduce the overall height.  Simply twist the 'extra' length into the desired length.  Bend as needed to wrap around branch or horizontal perch.  I find myself moving them in and out of the house to all of my favorite spots.  In fact, the best part about the sturdy 12 gauge wire is how I am able to bend it as needed to hang just about anywhere I choose, indoors or out. 

Perhaps even showcase a little something from your own garden!  Whether you are a veteran gardener or never had much luck with plants, there are many options available to create the look and level of care you wish.  Even if you think you will never acheive  the coveted "green thumb" status, I invite you to let it come naturally with My Coco Pot Kits.  

My Coco Pots are linkable using the connector piece included. It is easy to link together from top to bottom and to switch around.


Create a beautiful privacy screen or build a curtain side-by-side.  The link also comes in handy for a little extra length right where you want it. And just to be sure you are readily able to hang My Coco Pot, I have thoughtfully included a wood-screw hook in the kit. 

Yes, this little Coco Pot will support a full house and all I do is set it in a bucket for about a minute until the air bubbles subside.


Plant maintenance has never been  so easy and rewarding. I really like dunking these guys, and hope you will too!  When the copper swirl catches your eye - it's hard not to say hello to My Coco Pot.

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See how easy My Rooter Pot is to get growing...just by placing cuttings into the pre-placed holes to root.  It takes only a few weeks to get rooted and a few months fill out in size.  Hang up or sit on a ledge to cascade over.



It's all about customization at My Coco Pot. Select a patinaed finish, add the perfect message, select a new plant-friend, add a decorative plant pot spike and make special requests to create your own look.



Add a pyro-graphed message to commemorate an event or for daily inspiration.  Just looking at a plant is said to boost seratonin levels, so why not add to the experience and add your daily affirmation?  



 Everything you need to complete the look from succulent varieties to sub-tropicals whose growth habits are complimentary when grouped  together.  AND...just the right size to get growing together.  Plants are sold in addition to and only with a My Coco Pot purchase.




What plants work best -where-and how to care for them as little or as much as you like.  Herbs, strawberries, foliage favorites:  air plants, fern, indoor ivy, creepers, wire vine, flowering color bombs, succulents and more!



Didn't get the specimen of your dreams?

No worries!  Exchanges are welcome.   Items damaged during shipment are refundable except for live plant material.  Please review return policy regarding  custom or personalized orders and shipping costs.

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